About Clifton Creek Weather

• Latitude -37.71139     • Longitude 147.69278     • Elevation 113 m above sea level

This weather station has been in operation since 17 January 2013.

The website uses a WS-2306 weather station to collect data for processing and display.
The rain gauge and anemometer are positioned 7 metres above ground level, and the remote temperature and humidity
sensors are shielded from direct sun.

Weather data is processed and uploaded every 2 minutes using Cumulus v1.9.4(1099). Templates by Kevin Reed(dec.) of TNETWeather.com are used to build XHTML 1.0 compliant web pages which are updated at 2 minute intervals but because the site has no internet connection, these pages are updated manually when new data is available. Fire Weather Index data is recorded daily (at EST).
The Fire Weather results are produced using FWICalc from SoftRock.